Based on the developmental needs and goals of your group, we will craft a custom workshop that will bring to life the core principles and techniques of Improv in a fun, high-energy, low-pressure session. Attendees will participate in a series of  Improv “games” and learn how to incorporate Improv skills into their work and personal lives.

Workshops include:

  • Improv for Creativity and Innovation
  • Improv for Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Improv for Communication
  • Improv for Agility and Comfort with Change

Workshop sessions can be tailored to mix and match the above topics to meet your organizational goals and needs.


Meetings & conferences

Having on offsite meeting or conference? We will craft a set of short Improv “Interludes” to follow lunch and meeting breaks. Tied into the theme of your meeting, these audience participation interludes will energize the group while reinforcing your meeting goals.