“Jim, in a word I must say that the Improv workshop  you conducted at my team offsite was Outstanding!!  Typically employees have a preconception that if they have attended one offsite they have attended them all.  The team building activities that you led were very well received by the team; the team members  really enjoyed themselves. My staff has taken the tools that were provided during the workshop and have applied them into their daily routine. Being able to apply what was presented is an indication that the Improv workshop was extremely successful. Thank you.”

- Angelo Incorvaia, Senior Vice President & Head of Information Technology, Bank Leumi USA


"Jim conducted a very successful training session for our customer service organization that resulted in the team learning skills that they use daily in meeting customer needs. Jim customized the program to the goals of the team, drawing on a vast library of Improv exercises. The exercises were spot on. Not only did they hit exactly the areas we needed, but they were fun and engaging. I highly recommend Improv Means Business for developing actionable capabilities, but also having a great time while doing it.”

- Andrew Allen, Deputy CIO, NYU Stern School of Business


“Jim has done his program for different groups I have managed and each one has been wonderful. He really engages people with the exercises and then goes on to clearly show how the learnings from them can be brought to bear on both a personal and professional level. It’s also great fun!”

- Leonard Rubin, Vice President, Pfizer Inc